Medication Therapy Monitoring (MTM)

It has been estimated that, of the ~4 billion annual prescriptions filled by the retailers in the US, approximately 50% are not taken by patients in accordance to physicians' instructions. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), failure to comply to prescribed treatment regimens has been identified as the cause of 125,000 premature deaths, up to 69% of all re-hospitalizations, and results in approximately USD 100-300 billion worth of avoidable annual healthcare spending. Studies have demonstrated that every one percent improvement in medication adherence can help the US healthcare industry save up to USD 2 billion, resulting in an increase in pharmaceutical revenues by ~USD 4 billion.

Below are Sargas International Products and are registered trademarks of SPAC International.

  • Mobile Oncology Medication Therapy Monitoring ®
  • Medication Therapy Monitoring ®
  • Drug Adherence ®
Our product offers:
  • 24/7 monitoring of each medication that the patient is on
  • Patients have access to live support 24/7
  • Patients can report their symptoms in real time via mHealth applications, cloud portals or through our support staff
  • This information is continuously updated in real time to the patient specific physician team via physician portals
  • Medication related education is provided to the patient via the mHealth applications
  • Prescription and entire protocol are monitored right from the time it’s initiated in the physician exam room until the patient is removed from that prescription for 24/7

Automation developed by Sargas HIPAA compliant cloud applications Sargas mHealth and Sargas Phone support makes Medication Therapy Management (MTM) feasible, scalable and sustainable.

MTM Programs