Medication Therapy Monitoring (MTM)

Mobile Oncology Medication Therapy Monitoring ®
Medication Therapy Monitoring ®
Drug Adherence ®

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  • 24/7 monitoring of each medication that the patient is on
  • Patients have access to live support 24/7
  • Patients can report their symptoms in real time via mHealth applications, cloud portals or through our support staff
  • This information is continuously updated in real time to patient specific physician team via physician portals
  • Medication related education is provided to the patient via the mHealth applications
  • Prescription and entire protocol are monitored right from the time it’s initiated in the physician exam room until the patient is removed from that prescription for 24/7

Automation developed by Sargas HIPAA compliant cloud applications Sargas mHealth and Sargas Phone support makes Medication Therapy Management (MTM) feasible, scalable and sustainable.